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Dynamic Ride Control - DRC servicing

Audi Dynamic Ride Control (DRC) servicing

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This advanced damping system counteracts movements of the vehicle along its longitudinal axis and transverse axis. Both shock absorbers on the same side of the vehicle are connected with the diagonally opposed dampers on the other side, each by means of one central valve.

How DRC works

When a corner is taken, a flow of oil, and thus a supplementary damping force, is generated via the central valve between the diagonally opposed shock absorbers. When the suspension is compressed on one side, the damper characteristic is modified in such a way that rolling or pitching movements are almost entirely eliminated.

As a result, this mechanically active damping system ensures that the vehicle maintains extremely good tracking stability when cornering and responds precisely to adjustments of the steering wheel.

SJB Autotech has the approved tools to accurately re-pressurise the system following maintenance to restore your Audi DRC back to factory settings.

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