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Air-Conditioning Service and Re-charge

Audi, VW, Seat & Skoda air-con service and recharge

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Your air-conditioning system purifies and dehumidifies the air inside your car, as well as keeping the cabin temperature at the desired level. Air conditioning systems lose gas pressure as they are used, reducing output and causing your air conditioning system components to work harder and become less efficient. R744 CO2, R134A, HFO1234yf.

Our skilled technicians carry out a full drain and recharge of gas in the system and a detailed inspection of hoses and connectors, cooling fan and compressor drive belt.

To ensure your air-conditioning system is running at maximum efficiency we recommend that you have an air-conditioning service carried out every two years.

SJB Autotech provides servicing on different systems, including R134A, HFO1234yf and CO2 R744.

Air-Con Service R134A incl. de-odorisation


Air-Con Service HFO1234yf incl. de-odorisation


Air-Con Service R744 CO2 incl. de-odorisation


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